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When The Janitor Decided To Start His Own CompanyWhen The Janitor Decided To Start His Own Company

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Since back in the day, and still to this day, janitors at large have always been amongst the lowest paid workers in the country. Thank goodness that many of these guys are at least able to collect a minimum wage so that they need not be exploited any more than they need to. But some janitors have been getting it right for themselves. And here is one group of janitors who have gone out and started their own janitorial company in Pittsburgh, PA.

And you know what they say; there’s plenty more where that came from. There’s plenty more such companies dotted all across the country.

Indeed, this business example is part of a country-wide franchise movement. And do you know what? Inasmuch as there are many customers out there that truly need janitorial services, there are job and business opportunities for those men and women who have been traditional to this type of work. This statement is generalised. That is because janitorial services work is no longer standardised.

New, specialised skills and tasks have been added to the business. So it goes then that there is room to manoeuvre. Elsewhere you may have always been exceptionally dedicated as a cleaner. Now here is your opportunity to move from just being treated as yet another hired hand to a full-fledged cleaning specialist. Here is where you may have had aspirations of working as carpenter, all the while tinkering in your backyard.

janitorial company in Pittsburgh, PA

If your resume is presentable and decent to your prospective employer, he may be willing to add you to the staff roster and arrange for you to be fully trained before you are given your first repair assignment. And then there are of course opportunities for those of you who wish to start your ow business.