Do You Need to Replace Your Home’s Drywall?

Many homes throughout the United States use drywall, which is an inexpensive material that is highly effective as a walling solution for the interior of homes and commercial buildings. Drywall is easy to install, does not make as much of a mess as other materials, is easy to handle, and adds value to the home.

One caveat of using drywall, though, is that it can become damaged over time due to impact or water damage. Most of the time, drywall can be repaired simply by patching the area or sanding it to get rid of stains, but in some circumstances drywall will need to be completely replaced by professional drywall repair near me in mooresville, nc specialists.


If you have holes in your drywall that are small, or even holes that could be considered medium-sized, you may be able to have walls patched. You will, however, know when a hole has been patched as it will be noticeable unless the wall is repainted. If you don’t walls to be irregular, or if holes are causing structural damage to walls, they will need to be replaced.

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Cracks are typically an indicator that a seam has been misplaced in the drywall. Cracks can be patched much like holes, but you will still need to deal with any structural problems in drywall that are caused by these imperfections. Cracks often develop when seams are placed in corners, where they are vulnerable and eventually crack.

If you notice that the holes in your home’s drywall seem to be causing issues, or if you have cracks in drywall, you should contact a professional to discuss options for your drywall. You may be able to get sections of drywall replaced or the entire wall may need replacing.