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What is bitcoin?

These days more and more people feel the anxiety of knowing what is bitcoin. This cryptocurrency, or digitally currency is gaining ground in the popular knowledge, since it is an interesting exchange of both services and goods alternative. A good way to answer this concern about what the bitcoin ie a currency that is highly secure and efficient electronic nature, which facilitates the exchange of value for online and avoids unnecessary intermediaries.

To know what a bitcoin should be interpreted further that this digital currency does not correspond to any particular state or country, and is not issued by any central bank; however, it can be used worldwide, to make exchanges via the Internet.

In short, no nation, bank or company has control over the operation of this electronic currency because it is a decentralized currency. With this information, you know the basics about what is the bitcoin currency.

Otherwise, I must say that today is perfectly feasible to change dollars or euros for bitcoins or other currency. As a person born in a digital environment currency, bitcoin money can be sent anywhere in the world, and this is just one of many possible ways that arise when deciding how to use bitcoin.

In our days is bitcoin digital currency is having more success. Its popularity is not accidental: people look operate bitcoin that plays its important advantages.

On the other hand, when people understand what it is and how it is used bitcoin, he realizes that it is not only a currency but a model in which the intermediary or speculation is not supplied, but you can perform operations person to person.



What is a Bitcoin wallet?

There are many bitcoin wallets in PredimaniaBits you are one with Xapo created, but there are many where you can create your purse for free.

  • Coinbase this purse is highly recommended because if you have an account in the United States here you can verder your bitcoins and convert them to dollars.
  • Xapo PredimaniaBits Xapo uses APIs to manage purse can complete the creation of this account so that you have free access to your purse PredimaniBits
  • Blockchain this purse is one of the earliest and most stable in the bitcoin network.

If you are about to begin exploring the world of Bitcoin, there are some things you should know. Bitcoin allows you to exchange money differently than you normally do on the bench. Therefore, it is advisable to spend some time to learn before using Bitcoin for major transactions. Bitcoin should be treated with the same care with which we treat your purse, or in some cases even more!

Use bitcoin

By the way used bitcoin, do not reveal any sensitive data or information; and therefore this coin is not subject to dangers of fraud as it does with credit cards. Another fact that speaks of the spirit and defines what a bitcoin is that with this electronic currency payments can not be reversed, thus avoiding the risk of fraudulent chargebacks.

It is logical that people want to know how to use or using bitcoin, because somehow all the digital universe proposes a new paradigm for trade agreements.

To finally understand what it means bitcoin, it should be noted that with this money sending and receiving money is just as easy; This greatly facilitates exchanges in the e-commerce industry. And also it leads to a fairer scheme where there is no charge to third parties involved, but people are linked directly, in such a way may also agree more reasonable prices. Bitcoin helps free trade brokering entities of the traditional system.


What is bitcoin mining?

Known as the "Internet currency" this intangible and virtual currency is eminently suitable to operate via the Web. Its price and conditions that govern under control of all users through transactions and operations supply / demand; this prevents any excess emission depreciation and therefore, as with coins handled by governments.

To finish it bitcoin understand, explain it bitcoin mining or mining bitcoin. However, mining is the process by which bitcoins are output from a computer. To that end processing power, which is precisely what they offer the "miners" at a profit in exchange for their work it is required. Using this system, a scheme that allows distributed consensus confirm and validate transactions to be different chains including block is created; and guarantees of order and reliability offered. This is essentially the answer to a frequently asked question: What is bitcoin mining.

If you need further information or additional data about what is bitcoin in PredimaniaBits we can give you contact us at [email protected] accessory.



What are satochis?

The satochis are equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoins.

How to get bitcoins?

There are now many ways to get bitcoins then I'll show you three very popular forms:

1. Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency, used to make digital exchanges and decentralized manner. This coin has the backing of a government or a central bank, and therefore one of its advantages is that it prevents governments or banks to accelerate their issuance, since a certain amount of consensus mode is generated and preset. This alternative is gaining interest and more and more people around the world who want to buy bitcoins.

There are many exchange houses to buy bitcoin here I leave two link where you can find the list of all of them, you can not advise PredimaniaBits some, there are other free alternatives that are better for beginners in this world.

The Bitcoin fluctuates daily here we show the current value:

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2. Bitcoin Mining

The disadvantage is that you need Bitcoin Mining equipment that can be expensive and consume a lot of electric enerigia.

3. Bitcoin Faucet

These are pages in which you get as a reward a small amount of bitcoins to fill complete some questions or just fill out a Captcha, these pages are called faucets or faucet.

Why give bitcoins? Like everything in life, nobody gives something for nothing in these sites if you 're setting that are full of advertising, adsense advertising generally, and this advertising pays the owner of the site for each visit and click on the ads that this has and this in turn allocates a percentage of its ad revenue to pay off the people who come to earn their small amount of bitcoins.

In PredimaniaBits we recommend you get your first satoshis using predilista is very simple and within an hour you can have 100,000 or 0.001 BTC satoshis without ariesgarte buying online.